Purple Dragon 7.0 Professional Dog Grooming Set - FREE SHIPPING


Need a high quality dog grooming set that both looks good and works well? We've got you covered!

The Purple Dragon Dog Grooming Set is made of High quality stainless steel in a variety of colors. You can choose from:

Purple Dragon set 703

  • Includes 3 Pair of 7.0 Inch scissors
    • ( 1 Thinning, 1 Straight Edge, and 1 Curved Blade)
  • Matching comb

Purple Dragon set 704

  • Includes 4 pair of 7.0 Inch Dog Grooming Shears
    • ( 2 Curved Blade, 1 Thinning, 1 Straight Edge)

Both sets include scissor oil, cleaning cloth, and carrying case.