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Scratching Mat for Cats - CLEARANCE SALE!

Scratching Mat for Cats - CLEARANCE SALE!

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Cats like to scratch, we all know that. It is a natural part of their lives.

But trust us when we say we know you're tired of your cat scratching on the walls, floors, and furniture!

Our Scratching Mat is made exactly for that!

Corrugated Cardboard makes a fantastic scratching board for your cat because it absorbs and communicates your cat's scent. When your cat is scratching on your furniture, they're not just giving themselves a manicure. They're releasing scent droplets from the glands in their paws. Our Scratching mat quickly absorbs those scents and lets your cat mark his or her territory without having to replace the drapes.

Not to mention, our Scratching Mat comes scented with Catnip, to ensure that your cat is immediately attracted to it!

And when they're tired of scratching, they can take a turn playing with the ball in the track for a little extra fun, or simply take a nap on their new personal scratching mat.


  • Material: Corrugated Cardboard
  • Size: 18 in x 10 in x 4.5 in
  • Scented: Natural Catnip
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