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  • MAGIC PET HAIR REMOVER BRUSH makes it easy for you to remove unwanted dog, cat, and pet hair from your clothes, furniture, car, and carpet quickly! Removes lint, too!
  • SELF CLEANING BASE means you don’t have to waste time getting the pet hair remover brush ready for your next use. Just insert into the base after you use and it will be ready when you need it!
  • DOUBLE SIDED DESIGN allows this dog hair removal brush to work twice as fast as one-sided brushes - and with better results, too.
  • VERSATILE PET HAIR REMOVAL TOOL can be used all around your home, car, office and classroom to make sure everything looks clean - no pet hair or lint on your clothes, furniture or your guests!
  • QUALITY MATERIAL its reusable and durable, which means you can use it again and again without losing effectiveness! Travel size brush is perfect for your car or bag! 


Don’t Make A Bad First Impression. Remove Unwanted Pet Hair From Your Clothes, Furniture And Car!

One of the best dog hair remover products on the market, the magic brush you need to easily and instantly remove dog and cat hair from a variety of surfaces. More convenient than a vacuum cleaner and better than standard lint rollers.

We’ve discovered the best rubber brush material to make pet hair removal a breeze. All the tools you need to keep dog and cat hair off your furniture, car seats, and clothes - even white hair on black dresses aren’t a match for our reusable pet hair remover!

The mini brush is great to keep in your car’s glove compartment or in your bag or purse. Keep our pet hair remover brush with you always to make sure you and your home are prepared to look your best!

We love using our pet hair removal tools on:

- Clothes 
- Sofas 
- Chairs 
- Furniture 
- Carpets 
- Bedding 
- Linens 
- Pillows 
- Car Seats

But they really work great everywhere!



Package Includes:

1 - Large Brush Set - 12.75" x 3"

1 - Small Travel Size Brush Set - 5.25" x 2.125"



Product: 4pc Static Brush Set
Style: Manual
Usage: Remove Pet Hair from Clothes and Furniture

Product of China